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USRBC Membership Application

As the premier U.S.-based trade organization devoted to promoting the commercial relationship between the United States and Russia, the U.S.-Russia Business Council offers its members strategic insights, high-level government access and networking opportunities. For more than 20 years, USRBC has worked closely with the U.S. and Russian business and political communities, enabling public-private dialogues that make tangible contributions to U.S.-Russian commercial relations.

Our informational and analytical tools covering the current dynamics in the bilateral relationship assist members in business planning. Our major conferences and small roundtable discussions address member interests and provide practical value, offering access to top government decision makers from both countries and excellent networking opportunities. We leverage strong relationships with prominent members of both governments to influence policies pertaining to international trade and the investment environment.


Please complete the questionnaire below with specific attention to company contact information and the opportunity for a preliminary consultation with USRBC staff.

Please complete all required fields below to indicate your company interest in becoming a member of the U.S.-Russia Business Council.

Please note that USRBC membership is not available on an individual level.


New members to the USRBC are entitled to an initial strategy session which reviews the current political and economic situation in Russia and outlines Council action items to provide immediate benefit to a new member’s business.

Please select the appropriate box. Membership dues are calculated based on the parent company’s annual sales (not a division of the company).

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