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Daniel A. Russell
President and CEO
­ dan.russell@usrbc.org
­ (202) 739-9180

Daniel Russell was appointed President and CEO of the USRBC in July 2013. Previously, he was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State responsible for relations with Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus and for international security and arms control issues in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs.

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Randi Levinas
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
­ randi.levinas@usrbc.org
­ (202) 739-9196

Randi Levinas oversees the day-to-day management of USRBC and provides strategic advice to USRBC members to assist them in achieving their commercial objectives in Russia and the United States.  Ms. Levinas manages the Council’s government relations portfolio, directing lobbying initiatives with the U.S. and Russian governments and counseling members on regulatory matters impacting bilateral trade and investment.

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Wesley Fox
Director, Research & Programs
­ wesley.fox@usrbc.org
­ (202) 739-9187

Wesley Fox oversees the Council’s research and policy products, working directly with the President and Executive Vice President to develop the Council’s policy strategy and direct its implementation. He develops content for USRBC media and coordinates the Council’s conferences, seminars and briefings.

Anatoly Chaliy
Director for IT and Digital Communications
­ anatoly.chaliy@usrbc.org
­ (202) 739-9186

Anatoly Chaliy directs the Council's digital communications, both in terms of operation and content. He is responsible for the modernization and maintenance of the USRBC's IT platform, including its website. He also provides research and analytical support for the Council's business advisory services.

Amanda Lahan
Director of Membership Affairs
­ amanda.lahan@usrbc.org
­ (202) 739-9189

Amanda Lahan is responsible for member outreach and development. She oversees communications with members, including addressing their concerns and interests and identifying issues that may impact their business. She is also responsible for creating strategies for member interaction and outreach to potential member companies.

Anna Lutkova
Assistant to Head of RF Representation, Moscow Office
­ anna.lutkova@usrbc.org
­ (495) 937-8352

Anna Lutkova serves as Assistant to Head of USRBC's Representation in the RF with responsibilities including administrative support and assistance with Russia-based membership services. Ms. Lutkova also administrates USRBC's Expedited U.S. Visa Program.

Svetlana Minjack
Director, Finance & External Affairs
­ svetlana.minjack@usrbc.org
­ (202) 739-9182

Svetlana Minjack is responsible for the Council's administrative operating requirements and long-range financial planning. She is also responsible for personnel-related issues as well as tax, legal and regulatory matters. Ms. Minjack also directs the Council's external affairs agenda, including outreach to the Russian government and Russian private sector.