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Yakimov, Viktor Vasilevich
DOB: December 19, 1951
Party affiliation: United Russia
Yakovleva, Tatyana Vladimirovna
DOB: July 07, 1960
Party affiliation: United Russia
A Duma member since 1999, Tatyana Yakovleva now serves as Chair of the Committee on Health. Prior to her political involvement, Ms. Yakovleva served as Head Physician in the Taikovsky District Hospital in the Ivanov Region. Previously, she occupied the post of the Head Physician of the Nerli Village Hopsital for 13 years. A Candidate of Medical Sciences, Tatyana Yakovleva graduated from the Ivanovo State Medical University. She was also awarded a medal of the second degree for Accomplishments in Servicing Fatherland.
Yarovaya, Irina Anatolyevna
DOB: October 17, 1966
Party affiliation: United Russia
Yazev, Valeri Afonasevich
DOB: October 29, 1949
Party affiliation: United Russia
Yazev, Valery Afanasyevich
Nizhni-Tagil District #164
DOB: October 29, 1949
Party affiliation: United Russia
A Duma Member since1999, Valery Yazev now holds the post of Chairman of the Committee on Power, Transport and Communications. He is also a member correspondent of the Academy of Technological Sciences of Russia and the International Academy of Informatization. In 1997, Mr. Yazev served on the board of Directors of the Municipal Bank of Yekaterinbourg, and in 1996, he became a member of the Sverdlovsk Region House of Representatives. In 1993, Valery Yazev established and headed the Yava corporation. Mr. Yazev held various positions in several energy sector organizations. He graduated from the Urals Polytechnic University of Kirov and is a Candidate of Economic Sciences.
Yegizaryan, Ashot Gevorkovich
DOB: July 24, 1964
Party affiliation: Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR)
A Duma member since 1999, Ashot Yegizaryan is currently a member of the Committee on Budget Issues and Taxes. Prior to his tenure in the Duma, he served as president of the National Information Company. During the late 1990s, Mr. Yegizaryan worked on issues related to the media holding of ONEXIM bank and headed the company Prof Media. From 1993 to 1997, he chaired the administration of the Moscow National Bank, and from 1990 to 1992, he served as director of the Social-Economic Development Fund of the Moscow Region. Ashot Yegizaryan graduated from the economics department of the Moscow State University.
Yemelianov, Mikhail Vasilievich
Rostovski District #146, Rostov Region
DOB: May 09, 1962
Party affiliation: United Russia
Mr. Yemelianov is a member of the Committee on Constitutional Law and State Building. Duma deputy since December 7, 2003.
Yezersky, Nikolai Nikolaevich
DOB: May 08, 1956
Party affiliation: Communist Party of Russia (CPRF)
A first term deputy of the State Duma, Nikolai Yezersky is presently a member of the Committee on National Security. Prior to his tenure in the State Duma, Mr. Yezersky served as a deputy in the Sverdlovsk regional Duma of the Legislative Assembly and its Deputy Chairman from 2002 to 2003. Before his political involvement, Mr. Yezersky occupied various positions at the industrial production facilities. Nikolai Yezersky graduated from the Urals Social Politics and Forestry Institutes.
Yurchik, Vladislav Grigorevich
DOB: January 30, 1938
Party affiliation: Communist Party of Russia (CPRF)
Yusupov, Marcel Kharisovich
DOB: November 03, 1969
Party affiliation: United Russia
Yuzhilin, Vitaly Alexandrovich
Kingiseppsky District #101, Leningrad Region
DOB: December 10, 1965
Party affiliation: United Russia
A Duma member since 1999, Vitaly Yuzhilin is currently a member of the Committee on Budget Issues and Taxes. Before he was elected to the Duma, Mr. Yuzhilin served as the Deputy Chief of the Center for the Development Strategy. Earlier, he served as Vice President of the company First Quantum UK Limited. Vitaly Yuzhilin graduated from the Makarov Leningrad Engineering Naval Academy.

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