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The U.S.-Russia Business Council (USRBC) is a Washington-based trade association that provides significant business development, dispute resolution, government relations, and market intelligence services to its American and Russian member companies.   

The USRBC provides senior management of American companies a forum to continually monitor their Russian market strategies as conditions change. The Council has also successfully acted on behalf of member firms to resolve specific commercial disputes and to influence Russian policies that negatively impact their business in Russia. 
For Russian companies looking to raise their profile and grow their business – within Russia and in the United States — the USRBC leverages relationships with major industry players, international finance organizations, and U.S. government agencies to assist in strategic planning and in partner searches. Russian members benefit from an unparalleled forum for visibility and networking, thereby demonstrating their commitment to open and transparent commercial activities. 
Key Differentiators of the USRBC
Location: The USRBC has offices in Washington, D.C. and in Moscow, Russia. We act locally, yet offer global support to the extended management teams of our member organizations. 
Company-level Advocacy: The Council routinely provides consulting, troubleshooting, and policy support to individual member firms.  
Policy Leadership: Our U.S. and Russian policy work reflects the priorities and concerns of our membership, and this work has resulted in very close relationships with the executive and legislative branches of both governments that we often use to our members’ advantage.

  Contact the USRBC:
  Washington DC:
  1110 Vermont Avenue, NW
  Suite 350
  Washington, DC 20005
  Tel:   +1 202-739-9180
  Fax:  +1 202-659-5920

  Smolenskaya Square 3
  Smolensky Passage Business Centre,
  Office 611, 121099 Moscow, RF.
  Tel:  +7 495 937 83 52
  Fax: +7 495 937 82 00


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