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The U.S.-Russia Business Council (USRBC), based in Washington, D.C., with an office in Moscow, is the premier U.S.-based trade association representing the trade and investment interests of its U.S. and Russian member companies on bilateral commercial matters.

USRBC seeks to expand and enhance the U.S.-Russian commercial relationship by engaging in advocacy efforts with both the U.S. and Russian governments on behalf of its members; assisting member companies with strategic advice; providing information and analysis to support business decisions; and facilitating access and networking opportunities with government officials and private-sector leaders through an active program of high-level briefings and meetings in Russia and the United States.


Strategic Planning:
USRBC works closely with our members’ global teams focused on U.S.-Russia commercial relations, providing counsel, guidance and insights to key corporate stakeholders at a company’s U.S. or Russian headquarters, Russian and European operations and Washington, DC, offices to advance their goals in the Russian and U.S. markets.

Access: With USRBC offices in Washington, D.C., and in Moscow, Russia, our excellent relationships with both the U.S. and Russian governments offer unparalleled and timely access to key policymakers.

Policy Leadership: USRBC’s U.S. and Russian policy work reflects the priorities and concerns of our membership. We not only serve as an important amplifier to members’ commercial interests, but we also lend the important support of a cross-sectoral association with a keen sensitivity to broader bilateral concerns.

Company-level Advocacy: The Council routinely provides consulting, troubleshooting, and policy support to individual member firms.

Diverse, Active Membership: Our membership ranges from senior Global 500 firms to leading Russian corporations to niche experts in the U.S. and Russian marketplace.

  Contact the USRBC:
  Washington DC:
  1110 Vermont Avenue, NW
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  Fax:  +1 202-659-5920

  Smolenskaya Square 3
  Smolensky Passage Business Centre,
  Office 611, 121099 Moscow, RF.
  Tel:  +7 495 937 83 52
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